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Q: How can I purchase the videos? Is it safe?
A: Each video has an button. After you finish shopping, click the "proceed to checkout" button in the cart. You will be directed to Paypal and then pay by your paypal balance or credit card. The payment is secure and anonymous, we won't get your card number.
Q: Can I get the videos immediately after purchase?
A: Yes. After your payment, the browser will redirect you to the download page. For Non-Paypal users, you need to click the "return to merchant" link after payment.
Q: Can I use any download accelerator?
A: Yes, you can. In fact, we recommend FlashGet or Download Accelerator Plus to speed up and resume broken downloads.
Q: How do I know the content of a video before purchasing it? Can I just purchase part of a video?
A: Besides video description, there are also icons showing the video type,Move your mouse over these icons to see the description.
Q: How do I buy long hair?
A: Contact the customer service or by E-mail: 158038548 @ qq.com, after successful payment paypal, please leave your name, address and contact telephone number, we will send EMS mailed to you. Another statement (hair is a special product and will not be returned after purchase), thank you for your cooperation!
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